Professional Educator Programs

Professional Educator Programs

Creating a pathway to the classroom with Khan Academy®

In July 2019, the Praxis® Core program, an educator preparation program entry test, often used for licensure and accreditation purposes, will be supported by a new free test prep tool created collaboratively with Khan Academy.

Built on the Khan Academy's instructional model, the Khan Academy® Official Praxis® Core Test Prep tool helps teacher candidates master the literacy and numeracy skills relevant to teaching. With this tool, teacher candidates can:

  • Identify their strengths and weaknesses through official Praxis Core operational tests, interactive practice tests and diagnostic mini-tests on each topic covered by the exam
  • Receive personalized recommendations for Khan Academy instructional materials to focus their learning
  • Create a study plan that fits their life situation and learning needs
  • Gain a comprehensive understanding of every skill on the exam

By working with the Khan Academy, ETS provides an opportunity to widen the path into preparation programs for students interested in teaching and help maximize their success.

"We want to change the approach to testing for our teacher candidates," says Clyde Reese, Senior Director of Foundational Research for ETS's Professional Educator Programs. "Too often, there is a cycle of test, fail and then remediate. We have collaborated with Khan Academy to encourage success; to help our teacher candidates build the important skills they need for the classroom before they take the Praxis Core exam."

The Khan Academy Official Praxis Core Prep will be available in July and will align to the new Praxis Core exams that launch in September.

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Updates on the Praxis® Core Math Test — Available September 2019

The Praxis® Core Academic Skills for Educators Test measures academic skills important to success in preparation to be an educator. In September, the content of the Mathematics subtest will change.

The changes result from a reexamination of the skills the tests measure. Each skill in each subarea was examined by a large group of educator preparation faculty. The process of reexamination was designed to ensure that all the skills Core measures are critical for success regardless of which path a candidate takes through the program and regardless of which grades or subjects the candidate will teach.

  • Over 200 educator preparation faculty contributed their judgment to the redesign — either through detailed surveys calling for the evaluation of every skill measured, or through their participation on a national expert panel.
  • All faculty involved in the redesign taught courses that are common across all certification areas.
  • All skills kept on the test were clearly confirmed as important by the teacher educators engaged in the redesign.

While the Reading and Writing tests were not changed, the Mathematics test has a change in overall focus, with:

  • Increased emphasis on Data Interpretation and Representation, Statistics, and Probability as critical for teacher preparation and teaching across all grade levels and content areas.
  • Reduced weight on Algebra and Geometry and inclusion of a reference sheet for geometric formulas, so the test is not assessing candidates on their recall of those formulas.
  • Removal of mathematical topics identified as less important for educator preparation such as identifying rational vs. irrational numbers, solving problems with radicals, working with functions and solving problems involving three-dimensional figures.

Learn more about the new Praxis Core Math test today.

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Join us for the 7th Annual ETS Symposium at NASDTEC in Denver on June 5

After the NASDTEC Annual Conference, it has become our tradition to host a half-day symposium. Lillian Lowery, ETS’s new Vice President of Student and Teacher Assessment, will be leading a discussion on How Is Teacher Licensure Evolving — and How Does it Need to Evolve — to Meet States’ Changing Needs?

The centerpiece of this half-day event will be the discussion facilitated by Lowery, about change in licensure. We welcome you to join that discussion, which will be informed by updates on changes to how teaching competencies are being assessed through a look at:

  • assessments — both in the field and in program development — that integrate content assessment with instructional practice
  • the state of micro-credentialing, including where and how it is being used to support and measure development of critical competencies teachers need for their jobs and schools

All costs will be covered, including your Tuesday night accommodations, breakfast and lunch during the symposium, and transportation to the airport. We hope you can stay the extra day and join us, as we welcome your contribution. Please sign up here.

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The ETS® Data Manager upgrade has launched

ETS recently launched its upgrade to the ETS® Data Manager (EDM) for the Professional Educator Programs. Be on the lookout for an email with additional information and a schedule of webinars to review these enhancements.

The upgraded EDM:

  • Introduces a new landing page for all users called the Dashboard, which provides a snapshot of the pass rates by content area and each assessment.
  • Includes and parcels data for the ETS® Performance Assessment for School Leaders into Quick Reports, Custom Reports and the Roster of Attending Students services.
  • Adds the Test Taken Count variable into Quick Reports. This allows users to run "First Attempt" data within Quick Reports.
  • Provides enhanced searching capability for ETS Performance Assessment for School Leaders in Test-Taker Score Reports, as well as including ETS Performance Assessments data within the Annual History Report.
  • Improves the 1-Year Pass Rate and 5-Year Performance Reports in Quick Reports to limit results solely to tests for which your state has set a cut score. Users no longer need to remove tests that the state doesn't use when exporting these reports.
  • Accesses a snapshot of the current year's pass rates and composition of the testing program based on attending institution data.
  • Enhances searching capability for ETS Performance Assessment for School Leaders in Test-Taker Score Reports, as well as including ETS Performance Assessment for School Leaders data within the Annual History Report.

On the technology side, the new EDM conforms to Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) 2.0 accessibility requirements. It has been enhanced to support additional browsers — Internet Explorer® 9+, Firefox® 29.0+, Google Chrome™ 34.0+, Safari® (OSX) 5.0+ and Opera® 15.0+. The upgrade allows use on web browsers that support HTML 5 and improvements have been made to create better usability on tablets.

To ensure continued support, we have created all new help documents for each service within EDM and a new email address for the support team: The existing email address will remain active and will auto-forward while users adjust to the new address. A dedicated support team continues to remain available to assist users.

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Join us for the ETS Annual Program Update Webinar

Designed to inform you about the new programs and initiatives at ETS, we will hold our annual Program Update Webinar in May and welcome you to invite your staff to participate in one of these 60-minute webinars.

Attending one of these sessions will allow you and your team to:

  • Preview the new and regenerated Praxis tests — including a new Praxis Core test and the new Teaching Reading test
  • Learn more about the new, free Khan Academy Praxis Core Test Prep program and how it can help level the playing field for teacher candidates
  • Take a quick, high-level tour of the updated EDM system
  • Stay updated with the latest developments on the PPAT® assessments

Register here.

Monday, May 20, 2019 Lisa Hedrick 11 a.m. ET
Tuesday, May 21, 2019 Monica Beane 4 p.m. ET
Wednesday, May 22, 2019 Nick BellackNoon ET
Thursday, May 23, 2019 Kathy Pruner2 p.m. ET
Friday, May 24, 2019 Malik McKinley10 a.m. ET

Please note the last day to register for the ETS Annual Program Update Webinar is Wednesday, May 15, 2019.

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