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TOEFL® Essentials Test Security

The TOEFL® Essentials test uses the same platform, technology and security as the TOEFL iBT® Home Edition. With this unique combination of human and artificial intelligence (AI) security features, you can trust the scores to be accurate, valid and reliable.

Security measures include:

  • Security and ID Check. Test takers must complete a comprehensive security check, ID review and test-environment scan with the proctor before testing begins.
  • Computer Check. The test taker’s computer is pre-checked and qualified in advance of the test.
  • Human Proctoring. The test has 100% live, online, human proctoring from beginning to end. The proctor can provide assistance as needed and cancel the test for security violations.
  • AI Monitoring. AI security measures include facial recognition and gaze tracking, to efficiently identify common security violations.
  • Video recording. There is a full video recording of the test, if needed to investigate security concerns, in compliance with GDPR privacy requirements.