The TOEFL® test: Accepted by 100% of U.K. universities including the Russell Group®. Choose wisely.

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The higher-standard TOEFL test helps you stand out to admissions officers.

When you choose the TOEFL® test, you’re showing U.K. universities that you have the English-language skills you need to succeed in an academic environment. The higher-standard TOEFL test helps you stand out.

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90% of TOEFL test takers get into their 1st or 2nd choice university.*

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The TOEFL test is
100% fair and unbiased.

When you take the TOEFL test, the only thing that counts is your English-language ability, not where you test or who scores your test. Unlike tests scored by local examiners, where face-to-face interviews can create biases about test takers’ accents and appearance, the TOEFL test is scored centrally using an unbiased system with multiple test raters who do not know the test takers’ identities.

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Only the TOEFL test
prepares you for academic success in the classroom.

The TOEFL test measures your ability to form complex ideas and confidently express them in English — skills you’ll need to succeed in an academic university environment. Stand out where it counts. Students who take the TOEFL test arrive on campus better prepared, with a head start over their peers.

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The TOEFL test is designed to help you do and show your best.

The TOEFL test has been rigorously tested to be the most reliable measure of academic English so universities will know you can communicate confidently where it matters — in the classroom. Take the test that helps you stand out to admissions officers.

Official TOEFL test prep is offered in convenient ways so you can prep your way to do and show your best. It’s available in books, online games, social media, the TOEFL Go! ® App and on the TOEFL® Assistant for Amazon Alexa® to help you take the test and ace it.

Its convenient structure allows you to take the test at a test center or at home, in just one half-day session, instead of over two days.

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