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The TOEFL® team is constantly enhancing our offerings to become a better partner to TOEFL score users around the world. In this edition, we are highlighting research — both from TOEFL as well as other sources — that can help guide your decision making. ETS research strives to address many of today's pressing international education issues.

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Eileen Tyson
Executive Director of Global Client Relations, ETS

11 Things We Are Talking About Right Now

  1. Have you heard about ETS® Data Manager? This free service has TOEFL® test taker scores, photos and 1-minute speech samples available anytime, anywhere that there is web access.
  2. The latest edition of the TOEFL® Test and Score Data Summary (PDF) contains data on the performance of examinees who took the TOEFL iBT® test between January and December 2017.
  3. International graduate applications and enrollments decline at U.S. institutions.
  4. A massive global study reveals that institutions that recognize and respond to student concerns can gain an important competitive advantage. Learn more about differentiating your institution to international students.
  5. Watch a TOEFL test taker's journey unfold as he pursues his lifelong dream far from home. This video is part of a campaign that has garnered positive sentiment across social platforms and has led to a 12 percent increase in TOEFL's Instagram® followers and 6 percent increase in TOEFL's YouTube® subscribers.
  6. The TOEFL MOOC (Massive Open Online Course) now offers 24-hour electronic scoring for the Speaking and Writing practice tests for all course participants. Enroll now in the TOEFL Test Preparation: The Insider's Guide course.
  7. Security Matters: Did you know that official TOEFL score reports are printed using heat-sensitive ink? It's just one of the many security measures in place that can verify a TOEFL score report's authenticity. See how the heat-sensitive ink works in this video demonstration.
  8. Introducing the TOEFL Go!® Official app, the only TOEFL test prep app from ETS.
  9. A new report by StudyPortals presents a view on the future of international education.
  10. Safety remains a priority for international students.
  11. A 3-day Propell® workshop was held in Cienfuegos, Cuba, with representatives from 23 Cuban universities.
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Feature of the Month: Meet Srikant Gopal

Srikant Gopal joined ETS in February 2018 as the Senior Director for TOEFL® Marketing. His global marketing team is focused on understanding the needs of TOEFL customers, which include test takers and score users, and communicating how the TOEFL Family of Assessments meets those needs in a superior way. The TOEFL product family consists of the TOEFL iBT® test, the TOEFL ITP® Assessment Series, and the TOEFL® Young Students Series (TOEFL Junior® and TOEFL Primary® tests), along with a suite of test prep products that include the TOEFL Go!® App and the TOEFL MOOC.

Srikant is a graduate of the Birla Institute for Technology and Science (BITS), Pilani, India, and earned his MBA from Indiana University, Bloomington, Ind. He combines marketing and business experience — from companies such as Procter & Gamble and Nestlé — with a passion for education and student development. He brings a global background to the job, having lived and worked in 6 countries, including the United States, and with business experience across North America, Europe, Asia Pacific and Latin America.

With the growing appetite for English language learning around the world, and many non-English speaking countries offering more English-taught programs, Srikant is optimistic that these trends will bring countries around the world closer together at a time of increasing divisions. "The English language acts as a unique unifying force by allowing diverse peoples around the world to communicate, collaborate and form communities," he says. As someone who has taken the TOEFL test twice himself, he has a firsthand appreciation for how the test opens pathways for people to fulfill their academic and professional career and social aspirations. "The TOEFL test unlocks opportunities for students to go anywhere and become who they want to be," he adds.

Srikant is also a part-time educator and teaches a course on Economics and Ethics at the Philadelphia Ethical Society. He is a science and music buff, and always tries to make time for a riveting Agatha Christie-style mystery novel.

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Security Matters: TOEFL® Score Reports Use Heat-Sensitive Ink

Did you know that official TOEFL® score reports are printed using heat-sensitive ink? It's just one of the many security measures in place that can verify a TOEFL score report's authenticity. See how the heat-sensitive ink works in this video demonstration. (View transcript.)

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