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In today's global economy English is more than a language, it is a catalyst for progress. The ability to communicate effectively in English can provide organizations and individuals with a competitive edge in an increasingly diverse and fast paced marketplace.

For corporations, assessing English language skills provides an opportunity to make talent management decisions with confidence, and build a more skilled workforce.

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For educational institutions demonstrating proficiency can enhance your reputation and help ensure your graduates are better prepared to succeed in the global workplace.

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A fair, comprehensive, and valid standardized assessment is essential to accurately measure an individual's English language skills.

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For over 35 years the TOEIC® Program has set the Gold Standard as the most internationally recognized English proficiency assessment for the workplace.

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That is why more than 14,000 organizations across 160 countries trust the TOEIC® Program, to inform the decisions that matter. Nothing compares to the TOEIC® Program.

Enable your organization today with the English skills needed to expand opportunities and fuel progress to new heights tomorrow.

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To learn more consult with one of our local experts.

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The TOEIC® Program assess to progress.

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ETS® TOEIC® Brand Video.

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