Frequently Asked Questions About the APĀ® Reading

When and where will the 2017 AP® Reading be held?
The Reading sites include: Duke Energy Convention Center (Cincinnati, OH); Kansas City Convention Center (Kansas City, MO); Tampa Convention Center (Tampa, FL); and Salt Palace Convention Center (Salt Lake City, UT). To find out when and where your subject's Reading will take place, go to the AP Reading Calendar.
Where can I find out more information about AP online distributed scoring?
All AP Research and Seminar Exams, AP European and U.S. History Short Answer responses, and Spanish Language and Culture audio responses will be scored online in a distributed manner, with Reading leadership remaining onsite for sample selection and exam scoring leadership. For more information, view the Online Scoring Opportunities page.
What are the steps in the application process?
  1. Submit the application online (with course syllabus and resume)
  2. Application is reviewed
  3. Approved applicants will receive an offer letter via email for electronic signature
  4. Employment documentation (I-9, etc.) must be completed by the applicant
  5. The applicant’s name is added to the pool of qualified Readers in the subject
  6. If you are selected to attend the Reading, you will be contacted in January or February. Or through May as slots become available.
  7. Please also see the AP Reader Application Process
When's the latest I can apply for next year's Reading?
There is no official cutoff to submit an application. Please note that there is no guarantee that a hired Reader will be invited to the 2017 Reading.
When and how will I know whether my application is approved?
The application review and approval process can take up to four weeks to complete. After this time, approved Readers will receive an offer letter via email. Application status inquiries should be sent via email to
If my application is approved, am I automatically invited to participate in the next Reading?
Submitting an application does not automatically constitute your employment as a Reader. Once your application is approved, you sign the offer letter, and your employment documentation is completed, we will add your name to the pool of qualified Readers in your subject. If you are selected to attend the Reading, you will be contacted by the Performance Assessment & Scoring Services Department starting January through May.
What is the communication timeline for the Reading invitations?
January – First round of invitations sent via email
February – Second round of invitations
March to May – Subsequent rounds of invitations
I was a Reader last year. Will I be invited to read again this year?
Invitations to participate in the AP Reading are for a specific year only. Several factors influence invitations and can vary from year to year, including changes in exam volumes and past performance of Readers.
Who chooses the Readers each year?
A Chief Reader for each subject makes appointment decisions and oversees the Reading's scoring process. Reader selections are made based on prescribed appointment criteria.
How do I get to the Reading?
Information and instructions about making travel arrangements are included in the appointment materials. Travel expenses, lodging, and meals are covered.
Where do I stay at the Reading? Do I have to share a room?
At most Reading sessions, you will stay in a convention center hotel with meals served in the convention center. Readers are provided with double occupancy hotel rooms. Single rooms are available on a limited basis with a charge for one-half of the room rate.
What kinds of activities are scheduled in the evenings?
Formal and informal voluntary activities are offered, such as subject-specific professional presentations, receptions, and local outings. Some subjects host evening workshops providing opportunities to network with colleagues and exchange best practices.
I'm a vegetarian. Can you accommodate special dietary needs?
Meal options include a variety of food to accommodate most participants. Special dietary requests are not always available. You are advised to take this into consideration when accepting an invitation to participate in the Reading.
Is there a dress code?
Dress is casual; shorts and jeans are acceptable. You should bring a sweater or sweatshirt, as the Reading rooms can become chilly at times. Comfortable walking shoes are a must.

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