Frequently Asked Questions About the AP® Reading

Why do I not see a certain subject listed?
The subject has reached the required numbers of Readers for the 2015 administration and is closed.
When and where will the 2015 Reading be held?
In 2015, the Reading sites will include: Duke Energy Convention Center (in Cincinnati, Ohio); Kansas City Convention Center (in Kansas City, Missouri); Kentucky International Convention Center (in Louisville, Kentucky); and Salt Palace Convention Center (in Salt Lake City, Utah). To find out when and where your subject's Reading will take place, go to the AP Reading Calendar.
When's the latest I can apply for next year's Reading?
There is no official cut-off, although applications received after October are less likely to be considered for the June Reading.
When and how will I know whether my application is approved?
The application review and approval process can take as long as four weeks to complete. After this time, approved Readers will receive an offer letter via email.
If my application is approved, am I automatically invited to participate in the next Reading?
No. Approval of your application and signing of the offer letter will only add your name to the pool of qualified Readers in your subject. Many factors are considered when issuing invitations.
How long is my application kept on file?
Approved applications are kept for six years. A new application is not required each year.
How long am I likely to wait until I'm invited to read?
The invitation process is subject to a number of changing factors; therefore, it is difficult to advise how long it might take before you are invited to a Reading.
I was a Reader last year. Will I be invited to read again this year?
Invitations to participate in the AP Reading are for a specific year only. There is always the possibility that you will be invited again if your Reading performance was acceptable.
Who chooses the Readers each year?
A Chief Reader for each subject makes appointment decisions and oversees the Reading's grading process. Reader selections are made based on prescribed appointment criteria.
How do I get to the Reading?
Information and instructions about making travel arrangements are included in the appointment materials. The AP Program provides air travel and expense reimbursement for expenses incurred during travel.
Where do I stay at the Reading? Do I have to share a room?
At most Reading sessions, you will stay in a Convention Center hotel with meals served in the Convention Center. Readers are provided with double occupancy hotel rooms. Single rooms are available on a limited basis with a charge for one-half of the room rate.
What kinds of activities are scheduled in the evenings?
The evenings usually offer formal or informal voluntary activities, such as subject-specific professional presentations, receptions and local outings. Representatives of several subjects host evening workshop development opportunities as a way to network with colleagues and exchange best practices.
I'm a vegetarian. Can you accommodate special dietary needs?
Meal options include a variety of food to accommodate most people. Special dietary requests are not always available. You are advised to take this into consideration when accepting an invitation to participate in the Reading.
Is there a dress code?
No, there is not a dress code other than reasonable and comfortable attire. It is a good idea to bring comfortable shoes, as most locations require a lot of walking between buildings.