Frequently Asked Questions About the AP® Seminar Reading

When and where will AP® Seminar exams be scored?
In June 2015, AP Seminar exams will be scored at the Salt Palace Convention Center in Salt Lake City, Utah. The scoring dates are June 11–17, 2015. Full-time attendance is required for the seven consecutive days of the scoring session.
How much will I be paid?
Readers will receive an honorarium of $1,639 for participation in the seven days of the 2015 AP Seminar Reading session.
What are the online scoring requirements?
Readers will score online using a web-based online scoring system.
When will invitations be sent?
Invitations will be distributed by email in January. Additional invitations will be rolled out each month as needed to fill all Reader positions.
Can teachers from outside the United States apply and participate in the scoring?
All Readers participating in remote online scoring programs must reside and perform their work within the continental United States, Hawaii, Alaska or a U.S. Territory. Readers must have authorization to work for remuneration in the United States.
When and how will I know if my application is approved?
The application review and approval process can take as long as four weeks to complete. After this time, you will receive an email from ETS with further instructions to complete the hiring process.
If my application is approved, am I automatically invited to participate in the next Reading?
No. Approval of your application and completion of the employment paperwork will only add your name to the pool of qualified Readers eligible to receive an invitation. Many factors are considered by the Chief Reader when selecting Readers for invitation.
How long is my application kept on file?
Approved applications are kept for six years. A new application is not required each year.
Who chooses the Readers each year?
A Chief Reader makes appointment decisions and oversees the Reading's grading process. Reader selections are made based on prescribed appointment criteria.
How do I get to the Reading?
Information and instructions about making travel arrangements are included in the appointment materials. The AP Program provides air travel and reimbursement for expenses incurred during travel.
Where do I stay at the Reading? Do I have to share a room?
At most Reading sessions, you will stay in a Convention Center hotel with meals served in the Convention Center. Readers are provided with double occupancy hotel rooms. Single rooms are available on a limited basis with a charge for one-half of the room rate plus tax.
Is there a dress code?
No, there is not a dress code other than reasonable and comfortable attire. It is a good idea to bring comfortable shoes, as you will be required to walk between buildings and within the convention center.
When's the latest I can apply for next year's Reading?
There is no official cut-off, although applications received after October are less likely to be considered for the June Reading.