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SIR II Survey Research

To learn more about the SIR II survey, refer to the following research reports:

Testing the Invariance of Interrater Reliability Between Paper-Based and Online Modalities of the SIR II Student Instructional Report  — Investigates whether SIR II interrater reliability differs between the paper-delivered and online versions.

Differences in Responses to the Student Instructional Report: Is It Bias? — Explores whether higher scoring of male or female teachers on the SIR II report is due to gender bias.

The Student Instructional Report II: Its Development, Uses and Supporting Research — Describes the development of the SIR II report, validity and reliability research, and how SIR II data can be used by instructors and institutions.

Student Perceptions of Learning and Instructional Effectiveness in College Courses: A Validity Study of SIR II — Examines correlations between overall student ratings of teachers or courses and end-of-course exam scores.

Two Studies on the Validity of the Student Instructional Report — Investigates correlations between student ratings and achievement, and relationships between student ratings and student, teacher and course characteristics.

SIR II: The Development of the Student Instructional Report II — Outlines the process used to develop the second-generation version of the Student Instructional Report, including item and form development, pretesting and statistical analyses to determine reliability and validity.

Will Teachers Receive Higher Student Evaluations by Giving Higher Grades and Less Coursework? — Examines whether student expectations of course grades and other factors influence student ratings of teaching on course outcome evaluations.

Is There Gender Bias in Student Evaluations of Teaching? — Analyzes student ratings of instructors across a range of institution types and academic disciplines to identify possible gender bias patterns.

Enhancing Your Teaching Through Use of the SIR II Report: Suggestions for Improvement — Provides a compendium of suggestions for improving college teaching, grouped by SIR II rating dimensions.

For more information about the SIR II survey, contact an ETS Advisor.