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The School Leadership Series

Demonstrate your knowledge and support your career growth


SLS Test Registration

Administered year-round, the SLS tests are computer delivered at home and in test centers throughout the country.


Before You Begin

Before you schedule your test, review The School Leadership Series Information Bulletin for registration information, ID requirements, fee and payment policies, and procedures. And be sure to determine your state requirements before you schedule.

Where to Test

Learn about the different ways you can take an SLS test and find test centers near you.

Schedule Your Test

Ready to register? Let’s get started! Schedule your SLS test online.

How to Register

Learn about the different ways to register, how to reschedule, cancel or retake a test, and how much your test costs.

At Home Testing Requirements

Learn more about at home testing and make sure your computer and testing room meet the requirements.


Testing Accommodations

Some test takers may need to follow a different process to schedule their tests. Be sure to read these policies if they apply to you.

Accommodations for test takers with disabilities or health-related needs must be requested before you register for a test. You’ll need to use both the Bulletin and the Bulletin Supplement to complete your request and register.


Extended test time for test takers whose primary language isn’t English, referred to as PLNE accommodations, is available. Test takers who meet requirements will be allowed 50% additional testing time. To learn about the requirements and how to request PLNE accommodations, see the Bulletin (PDF)