Test Takers Whose Primary Language Is Not English (PLNE)

Testing accommodations (extended testing time) may be available for test takers whose primary language is not English (PLNE). Test takers who meet ETS requirements will be allowed 50 percent additional testing time. Some exclusions apply.

How to Register

Test takers should complete and include the following:

Mail all materials together to:

ETS–School Leadership Series
PO Box 382065
Pittsburgh, PA 15251-8065

Paper-delivered Testing

PLNE accommodations for paper-delivered testing are offered on the following test dates. Please note: registration materials must be received at ETS by the dates listed below.

Test Date Registration Must Be Received by Extended Registration Must Be Received by
Instructional Facilitator (1031)
9/21/13 8/22/13 8/29/13
11/2/13 10/3/13 10/10/13
3/8/14 2/6/14 2/13/14
6/7/14 5/8/14 5/15/14
Kentucky Specialty Test of Instructional and Administrative Practices (1015)
9/21/13 8/22/13 8/29/13
3/8/2014 2/6/2014 2/13/2014
School Superintendent Assessment (1020) (Missouri only)
11/2/2013 10/3/2013 10/10/2013
3/8/2014 2/6/2014 2/13/2014

Computer-delivered Testing

Once your accommodation request is approved, ETS will contact you with a voucher number and instructions on registering to test.

Important Information for Both Computer- and Paper-delivered Testing

  • Requests received at ETS after the dates noted above, incomplete requests, and requests received on outdated forms will be returned unprocessed.
  • All documentation must be approved before the test date.
  • The program will make every effort to evaluate all requests in a timely manner. If further information and verification is needed by ETS, it's possible that testing will be delayed until the next applicable test date.
  • All registration must be done through ETS.

Special Instructions for Completing the Registration Form

Using the PLNE Test Center List, write the test center, code, name and location in the Test Center section of the registration form. Please note that PLNE accommodations are not offered at all paper-delivered test centers, so it is important that you refer to this list when registering. However, PLNE accommodations are offered at all computer-delivered test centers.


If you have previously registered and your request for accommodation has been approved by ETS, you may request the same testing accommodation for subsequent test dates. To re-register, submit a completed eligibility form indicating your candidate ID number and the test date for which documentation was approved and on file at ETS, a registration form and appropriate fees by the registration closing dates.


  • Test and/or test center changes or additions are not available.



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