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The School Leadership Series

Demonstrate your knowledge and support your career growth


School Superintendent Assessment (SSA) Test Prep

The SSA test (6991) is designed to measure the extent to which entry-level superintendents demonstrate the standards-relevant knowledge and skills necessary for competent professional practice. Use these resources to get ready for your SSA test so you can feel more confident on test day.

Study Companion (PDF)

Learn more about the SSA test, including what’s on it, and practice with sample test questions.

Study Plan (Word)

Download a study plan for the SSA test to help you figure out where to focus your attention as you prepare.


These videos offer important information you should know when you’re getting ready for your test.

Interactive Practice Test

Purchase a full-length practice test with a set of authentic test questions. Simulates the computer-delivered test environment!

School Leadership Series Information Bulletin (PDF)

Get complete instructions for registration, fees and payment policies, ID requirements, scoring and more.