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Getting Your SLS Scores

When will I get my SLS scores?

The date you receive your score depends on which test you take.

Note: When scores are scheduled to be posted on a Tuesday or Friday that falls on an ETS holiday, they’ll be reported on the following Friday and Tuesday, respectively.

Select the test you’re taking from the dropdown:

* Test
* Select your test date


How will I get my scores?

Your official score report will be posted in your SLS account on the score reporting date, and you’ll receive an email letting you know it’s available. If you don’t already have an account, you’ll need to create one to access your scores.

Your scores will also be sent to the institutions or agencies you selected during the registration process (up to four at no additional cost) and to the state you tested in if it’s an automatic score reporting state.

Online scores reported on or after July 21, 2017, are downloadable for 10 years from the score reporting date. After 10 years, your score report will no longer be available. We recommend saving a copy for future reference.

To obtain an official score report for scores reported within the last 10 years, but before July 21, 2017, you’ll need to order an additional score report. See Sending Your Scores.