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The School Leadership Series

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Understanding Your SLS Scores

The following explains how to interpret your score report and what to do if you have questions about your scores.


Did I pass?

Your score report includes your score and indicates whether you passed based on the score recipients you selected. Each state has its own requirements for what is a passing score on the SLS tests. See State Requirements and The School Leadership Series Passing Scores (PDF).

Your score report also indicates:

  • the range of possible scores
  • the raw points available in each content category
  • the range of the middle 50% of scores on that test

If you’ve taken the same test or another SLS test over the last 10 years, your score report lists the highest score you earned on each test.


Content category score interpretation

The scoring information in the test content category on your score report can help you identify content areas where further study may improve your test score.

In each content category, compare your "raw points earned" with the maximum number of points you could have earned ("raw points available"). The greater the difference, the greater the opportunity to improve your score by further study.


Unscored pretest questions

SLS tests may include pretest questions, which are new questions being evaluated for possible use in future editions of the test. In order to assess how test takers respond to them under actual testing conditions, pretest questions aren’t identified. They do not count toward your score.


Score review

If you feel your SSA or SLLA scores haven’t been reported correctly or don’t accurately reflect your performance, score review is available for a fee for constructed-response questions. Score review isn’t available for selected-response questions because they’re scored once at test centers, then verified at ETS before being reported.

To learn more about the score review process, view The School Leadership Series Information Bulletin (PDF).

To request a review, download and complete the Score Review Request Form (PDF) and send it to ETS with the fee. You must submit your request within 3 months of your test date.


For more information about scores, such as how the SLS tests are scored, raw and scaled scores, a score-related terms glossary, frequently asked questions about SLS scores and more, download Understanding Your School Leadership Series Scores.

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