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Test Requirements

Licensure AreaTest NameTest CodeQualifying Score
Educational Leader – Level 1 (Principals,Supervisors) Accepted through August 31, 2019.School Leaders Licensure Assessment 6011 *
Required beginning September 1, 2019.School Leaders Licensure Assessment 6990 TBA
Educational Leader – Level 3 (Super-intendents) School Superintendent Assessment 6021 *

TBA: To Be Announced. All TBA scores will be available once the test is required.

All candidates for school and district educational leadership positions (e.g., assistant principal, principal, parish or city supervisor of instruction, supervisor of child welfare and attendance, parish or city school supervisor/director of special education or comparable school/district leader positions) must meet requirements under the new certification structure for Educational Leader in order to receive an entry-level certificate in education leadership (Level 1).

This page is a supplement to The School Leadership Series Information Bulletin.

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SLS State Testing Requirements

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