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Chapter 3 – Navigating the Test



Video duration: 2:06

On-screen: [Computer-Delivered Testing Demonstration. Chapter 3 - Navigating the Test.]

Narrator: Chapter 3, Navigating the Test. During the test, buttons that allow you to navigate through the test and access information appear at the top of the screen. To move to the next question in a test section, click on ‘Next’. To return to a previous question in a test section, click on ‘Back’. Each single click of these buttons will move you forward or back one question. Be careful not to double click or you may accidentally skip past a question. In most test sections, you can mark a question to review later. If you want to mark a question, click on the ‘Mark’ button. Click ‘Mark’ again to unmark it.

On-screen: [Directions. Assignment.]

If your test has a constructed response section, you will also have tools to help you enter and edit your responses. You can cut and paste, undo and redo.

In sections of the test that allow review, you can click on 'Review' to get to the review screen.

On-screen: [Review.]

The review screen shows the status of each question, answered, not answered, or not yet seen. The marked column shows the questions you marked for review. The question you were looking at last is highlighted. If there are more questions than will fit on the screen, you can use the scroll bar to view the others. On the review screen click on any question to highlight it, then click, ‘Go to question’. To go back to where you were before you clicked the review button, click ‘Return’.

All tests are timed. You should pay attention to the time as you answer questions. The time remaining in the test is displayed in the upper right below the navigation buttons. You can hide the timer by clicking ‘Hide time’. To display it again, click ‘Show time’. When there are five minutes left, the display will blink for a few seconds and remain visible for the remainder of the test section.

On-screen: [Testing Tools.]

The help screen provides details about the testing tools, how to answer a question, general directions, any reference documents, and built in calculators, if that applies.

End of Video: Computer-Delivered Testing Demonstration – Chapter 3 Navigating the Test