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About the SpeechRater® Service



Video duration: 1:15

On-screen: [ETS AI Portfolio. Upgrade Your Educational Technology: SpeechRater® API PLATFORM]

Voiceover: ETS Accelerate gives you access to research-based technology, years of industry expertise, fairness and validity in our products.

With an Accelerate partnership you'll gain access to powerful capabilities, such as our AI Portfolio, that are delivering next generation innovations for assessment and learning.

ETS SpeechRater API is a core technology in the portfolio.

The platform uses speech recognition and analysis technology to assess different areas of non-native speaking proficiency including pronunciation, fluency, vocabulary and grammar, giving feedback designed to help learners improve their speaking skills.

Simply select a prompt.

On-screen: [Screenshot with sample discussion prompts, like discussing memories or where to socialize.]

Voiceover: Record your response.

On-screen: [Screenshot of a response screen with a microphone button, indicating a response is being given and the length of the recording.]

Voiceover: Then, see results with a detailed report of both individual features and a total score.

On-screen: [Screenshot of the feedback screen. At the top there is a numerical score, which is followed by detailed feedback in the areas of fluency (speaking rate, sustained speech, pause frequency), pronunciation (repetitions, rhythm, vowels) and variable (vocabulary depth).]

Voiceover: With SpeechRater, you can expect faster, more consistent results when compared with a human rater, saving cost and time while ensuring accurate scores.

Contact us to learn more about the AI Portfolio today.

On-screen: [ETS® AI Portfolio.]

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