ETS-Sponsored Events

Closing the Achievement Gap

In the United States, public education is expected to offer equal opportunity to all children, but our nation is struggling to fulfill this promise. ETS is deeply committed to closing this achievement gap and to preparing our children to succeed academically, in the workforce and ultimately in their contributions to society.

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The following events are special conferences, symposia or seminars sponsored by ETS. For more information, click on the event name below.

PIAAC Invitational Research Conference: The Importance of Skills and How to Assess Them
November 13–15, 2013

Black Male Teens: Moving to Success in the High School Years
June 24, 2013

Middle School Matters: Improving the Life Course of Black Boys
July 23–24, 2012

34th Language Testing Research Colloquium (LTRC)
April 1–5, 2012

Educational Assessment, Accountability and Equity: Conversations on Validity Around the World
March 28–29, 2012

Advancing Equity: Removing Roadblocks to Achieving High Academic Standards
November 4–5, 2011

International Large-Scale Assessment Conference
March 16–18, 2011

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