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The TFI™ Test

The international standard for assessing French-language proficiency.

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TFI scores are valid and reported for 2 years from the test administration date, and they are mapped to the Common European Framework of Reference (CEFR). The total test score is a combination of the Listening Comprehension and Reading Comprehension scores and it ranges from 10 to 990 points (5 to 495 points for each section).


How the TFI test is scored

For every TFI test administration, the local ETS Preferred Network (EPN) office provides scoring services. After the TFI test is scored, test results are reported to the test taker's institution in the form of a score roster.


Score rosters

Score rosters are sent to institutions and provide valuable information for institutions wanting to compare test takers' relative skills. They are for internal use only and cannot be used by test takers as an "official" score.

They include:

  • individual scores (Listening Comprehension, Reading Comprehension and Total scores)
  • scores from the most recent testing session (including average score and range of scores)
  • scores within the client’s industry
  • scores within the client’s country

The EPN member can produce additional specialized reports (e.g., the results for all of an institution's candidates who took the TFI test during a given time period) at a client's request.


Individual score reports

An individual score report is a simple listing of a test taker’s listening, reading and total scores. It is supplied to each test taker when the TFI test is administered.

Additional information

Mapping the TFI™ Test onto the Common European Framework of Reference

Explains how TFI test scores correspond with proficiency levels outlined by the CEFR.

TFI™ User Guide

Provides information on TFI scores and how to use them.

TFI™ Can-Do Guide

Explains how easily test takers with certain scores should be able to complete French-language activities.