The world’s most respected and accepted English-language test now offers an even better experience!

Starting July 26, 2023, TOEFL iBT® test takers will see several new enhancements. Best of all, the test will take just under 2 hours to complete. This makes it the shortest of the three most popular English-language tests. Test takers will experience:

  • streamlined instructions and navigation
  • a shortened Reading section with only two reading passages and 10 questions each
  • a more concise and modern Writing task which replaces the current Independent Writing task
  • removal of all unscored test questions

Test overview*

Here’s what to expect for tests starting July 26, 2023.


TOEFL iBT Test Structure
for tests starting July 26, 2023


No. of Questions

Estimated Timing


20 questions

35 minutes


28 questions

36 minutes


4 tasks

16 minutes


2 tasks

29 minutes

Total Time

Under 2 hours


*Does not apply to the TOEFL iBT Paper Edition test

Play video button Write For Academic Discussions

New Writing Task

Only one TOEFL iBT question type is changing. A new, more modern Writing task, called “Writing for an Academic Discussion,” will replace the current Independent Writing task. In this task, test takers will be asked to state and support an opinion on a given topic in an online class discussion.

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Prep with confidence

Student looking at laptop

Test takers have access to a variety of resources to help them prepare for their TOEFL iBT test. To help test takers do their best on test day, new Writing task practice questions and updated prep materials, which align with the TOEFL iBT test format and content starting on July 26, 2023, are now available.

Scheduling a test

Test takers should follow all usual procedures to register for a test. TOEFL iBT tests starting July 26, 2023, will include the new enhancements for tests on computer at test centers and for the TOEFL iBT Home Edition. The enhancements will not apply to TOEFL iBT Paper Edition tests.

Registered test takers who wish to experience the new enhanced TOEFL iBT experience should reschedule for a test appointment on or after July 26, 2023. All TOEFL iBT testing policies and procedures (PDF) will apply.

To register for the TOEFL iBT test in Mainland China (not Hong Kong, Macau or Taiwan), visit:

Additional enhancements beginning July 26

An improved registration process. Test takers will experience an updated registration process that is quicker and easier than ever which includes:

  • a clearer and simplified scheduling experience
  • intuitive navigation
  • enhanced usability
  • mobile responsive design
  • additional local payment options

Increased score transparency. Test takers will be able to see the date for when they can expect their official scores to be available upon completion of their test. They will also receive real-time notifications of changes to their score status in their ETS account.

For institutions and score users

Teacher holding a tablet

As we implement enhancements to improve the test taker experience, we have also ensured that the TOEFL iBT test is still the rigorous, academically focused test you trust, with valid and reliable scores for confident decision making.


In addition:

  • The TOEFL iBT score scale remains the same, and there is no need to change your score requirements.
  • You will continue to receive scores the same way you receive them now, without interruptions or changes.
  • The TOEFL® Search Service will continue to be available for institutions to utilize as a recruiting tool.

And as always, test security is of the highest priority at ETS. Our rigorous processes are designed so that score collecting, reporting and distributing is seamless and secure.

Easier access to scores in Slate

As of April 28, you’re now able to integrate our new, enhanced TOEFL iBT® score automation into your Slate platform. The process is simple, and involves a one-time, server-to-server configuration between the ETS® Data Manager and Slate. These setup instructions (PDF) can be implemented via your IT department.

Once this configuration is complete, you can customize and manage your dashboard to display the information that you find relevant, and score releases will automatically be imported into your Slate platform, eliminating the need for regular manual uploads.

You’ll need access to the ETS Data Manager Automated Server-to-Server Data Feeds to receive the automatic score data uploads. If you don’t have access, please request access by filling out this form.

TOEFL Showcase

Slate provides access to the TOEFL Showcase system in the ETS Data Manager, the premier tool for accessing an expanded view of a test taker’s performance. TOEFL Showcase includes 1-minute speech samples, writing samples and the test taker’s MyBest® scores, in addition to their scores from a single test date.

Institutions that do not use Slate can request access to TOEFL Showcase in the ETS Data Manager.

Ongoing enhancements to the test experience

We’ve been identifying ways to continuously improve the testing experience of our users for years. We started pre-pandemic with enhancements such as MyBest scores, instant unofficial Reading and Listening scores, and continued with the launch of the TOEFL iBT Home Edition in 2020.

We know the needs of test takers and institutions continue to evolve, and we’re ensuring our offerings evolve with them. We’re continuing the journey to create an optimal experience for all who rely on the TOEFL iBT test.