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U.K. Visas

Using TOEFL® Scores to Study in the U.K.

The TOEFL® test continues to be accepted for admissions by many universities and other institutions in the U.K.

Each institution sets its own admissions requirements. Before you register for the TOEFL test, contact the institution(s) where you plan to apply to find out if they accept TOEFL scores and what their specific requirements are.

The TOEFL test is also accepted for Tier 4 student visas under certain conditions, even though it is no longer recognized by the U.K. Home Office as a Secure English Language Test (SELT). Below is the most current guidance about the use of TOEFL iBT® scores for Tier 4 student visas.

Applicants for Tier 4 Student Visas

TOEFL iBT scores can still be used for Tier 4 student visas. A process established by the Home Office allows each university to choose how to assess applicants’ English-language abilities. Under this provision, a university may issue a Confirmation of Acceptance for Studies (CAS) for students with scores from English tests that are not on the SELT list, including the TOEFL iBT test.

In order to use your TOEFL scores in this way, the following conditions need to be met:

  • Your chosen U.K. university accepts the TOEFL iBT test for admission purposes. Check the university website, or contact the admissions department directly, to confirm that they accept TOEFL iBT scores.
  • Your course of study will be at degree level or higher. The test cannot be used for pre-sessional or foundation courses, or foundation degrees.
  • You meet the TOEFL iBT score requirement for university entry and your course of study. Be sure to check the university website for TOEFL iBT score requirements as you may find each university has different requirements for the course that you intend to apply for.
  • You meet the TOEFL iBT scores at the B2 level set by the Home Office for immigration. These scores are:
    • Total: 72
    • Reading: 18
    • Listening: 17
    • Writing: 17
    • Speaking: 20

The TOEFL test is available at thousands of test centers worldwide, so most likely there is one near you.

Citizens of European Union (EU) Member Countries

A Tier 4 student visa is not required for students from European Union member countries. EU students may continue to use TOEFL scores at universities in the U.K. that accept the TOEFL test.

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