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TOEFL® EssentialsTM Test

Expand your range of applicants with a testing option that has the quality, reliability and security you expect from a TOEFL test

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TOEFL Essentials Test Security

The TOEFL Essentials test uses the same platform, technology and security as the TOEFL iBT Home Edition. With this unique combination of human and artificial intelligence (AI) security features, you can trust the scores to be accurate, valid and reliable.

Security measures include:

  • Security and ID check. Test takers must complete a comprehensive security check, ID review and test-environment scan with the proctor before testing begins.
  • Computer check. The test taker’s computer is pre-checked and qualified in advance of the test.
  • Human proctoring. The test has 100% live, online, human proctoring from beginning to end. The proctor can provide assistance as needed and cancel the test for security violations.
  • AI monitoring. AI security measures include facial recognition and gaze tracking, to efficiently identify common security violations.
  • Video recording. There is a full video recording of the test, if needed to investigate security concerns, in compliance with GDPR privacy requirements.
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Security you can trust

ETS Test Security Supervisor, Susan Baek, explains why test security is so important, how ETS maintains security for its at home tests and the learnings that have been carried through other assessments to TOEFL Essentials.

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