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TOEFL iBT Score Reporting

You can receive TOEFL iBT score reports three ways, plus gain additional information about applicants through TOEFL® Showcase™.


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TOEFL score reporting record layout

All institutions that accept all TOEFL score data electronically should review the TOEFL Score Reporting Record Layout and sample data files (zip) to ensure systems are properly configured to receive the score data.

The TOEFL Showcase system is an expanded view of a test taker's performance on the TOEFL iBT test.

  • View two 1-minute speech samples from your applicant's integrated speaking task.
  • Read two full TOEFL iBT test writing samples from your applicant, right on screen.
  • View the MyBest® scores for your applicant, in addition to their scores from a single test date.

You can export reports as a ZIP file to print specific reports or print them all as a combined PDF. You can also view all features in Slate.

New scores, photos, and speech and writing samples are made available twice per week. 

TOEFL Online Score Verification System (OSVS)

In the ETS® Data Manager, you can also verify TOEFL iBT scores (including Home Edition and TOEFL® Essentials™ tests) using OSVS by entering the test taker's appointment number and date of birth.

Learn more about the ETS Data Manager.

Automatically download scores from the ETS server to a client server after a one-time setup by your IT staff. To receive MyBest scores, make sure your dataset layout specifies that you want to receive them.

TOEFL scores are made available online about twice a week.

Learn more about Automated Server-to-Server Feeds.

Get easier access to scores in Slate by integrating our enhanced TOEFL iBT score automation into your Slate platform. The process is simple, and involves a one-time, server-to-server configuration between the ETS Data Manager and Slate. These setup instructions (PDF) can be implemented via your IT department.

Once this configuration is complete, you can customize and manage your dashboard to display the information that you find relevant, and score releases will automatically be imported into your Slate platform, eliminating the need for regular manual uploads.

You’ll need access to the ETS Data Manager automated server-to-server data feeds to receive the automatic score data uploads. If you don’t have access, please request access by filling out this form.

Printed score reports have several security features, including:

  • the ETS Security Guard, a special heat-sensitive ink that, when activated, verifies the report's authenticity
  • a silver bar that makes it impossible to scan or photocopy the score report
  • a Laser Lock on the face of the paper that makes it difficult to remove toner from laser- or ion-printed documents

Paper score reports include MyBest scores and are mailed to TOEFL Designated Institutions (DIs) twice a week within 11–13 business days of the test date.

Score delivery time can vary based on how DIs have chosen to receive scores:

  • ETS Data Manager: 4–8 business days (11–12 business days for TOEFL iBT Paper Edition)
  • Server-to-server feeds: 8–10 business days (11–16 business days for Paper Edition)
  • Postal mail: 11–13 business days plus mailing time. Allow an additional 7–10 days for mail delivery in the United States, and 4–6 weeks for mail delivery to other locations. 

Score reports for TOEFL iBT Home Edition tests will have a test center code of STNRP, followed by the test taker's 3-digit ISO country code. Score reports for TOEFL iBT Paper Edition will be noted at the top of the report.

Need help?

Contact TOEFL Code Control at:

Email: or
Phone: 1-609-771-7091
Mail: TOEFL Code Control; ETS; P.O. Box 6200, Mail Stop 25-Q; Princeton, NJ 08543; USA


If you have a concern about a test taker's TOEFL scores, please fill out the TOEFL iBT® Score Inquiry Form (PDF) and send it to