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The premier test of academic English communication

Select any step to learn more about using TOEFL iBT® scores.


TOEFL iBT Scores and Admissions

The TOEFL iBT test gives you the data you need to make informed, confident decisions about the English skills of your applicants. Learn more about the role TOEFL iBT scores play in admissions decisions for more than 12,500 institutions worldwide.

Become a Score User

Gain access to over a million qualified applicants around the world.

Score Use

TOEFL iBT scores are used for admissions, program eligibility and more.

Setting Score Requirements

Find tips on how to set your score requirements and learn about MyBest® scores.

Interpreting Scores

Learn how scores correlate to proficiency levels to ensure qualified candidates apply to your institution.

Score Reporting

Receive scores through TOEFL® Showcase™ in the ETS® Data Manager, server-to-server feeds, integration with Slate or by mail.

Compare Scores

Make sure your TOEFL iBT score requirements are aligned so you don’t miss qualified applicants.

TOEFL Search Service

Find the right international students for your program with this robust recruitment tool. With more than a million candidates from over 200 countries in its database, the TOEFL Search Service instantly expands your applicant pool.