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Setting TOEFL® Score Requirements

For assistance in setting TOEFL iBT® scores, email or call 1-609-683-2008.

Helpful Tips for Setting Score Requirements

  • Set separate section score requirements as well as a total score requirement.
  • Setting high requirements may limit your applicant pool, which means you may be rejecting qualified applicants.
  • Setting requirements too low can lead to accepting students who may not have the English-language skills to succeed at your institution.
  • Set different test section score requirements for different academic departments.
  • Set flexible scores initially.
  • Conduct periodic reviews of your score requirements.
  • Consider whether English language learning support is available at your institution.

Note: We encourage you to post your TOEFL® Institution Code and TOEFL score requirements on your website.

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Test Security Matters to Us

ETS has long been at the forefront of combatting test security concerns. Our strategy is a 3-pronged approach of prevention, detection and communication, which is designed to protect the integrity of test scores.

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