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TOEFL Junior®

Building English-language confidence

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About the TOEFL Junior Tests

Help guide your students to a future of opportunities

Your students are ready for the next step on their English-language journey. Created to provide insight into your students’ English communication skills, the TOEFL Junior tests enable you to make the best decisions about placement and progress, and help you guide your students to reach their full potential.

The tests are designed to:

  • assess the academic and social English-language proficiency of young students
  • provide a snapshot of each student's ability in listening, reading, speaking and writing
  • support teaching and learning by giving information about students' abilities in relation to a widely accepted international standard

TOEFL Junior Standard Test

Measures reading comprehension, listening comprehension, and language form and meaning.

TOEFL Junior Speaking Test

Measures students' ability to communicate orally in English in an academic classroom.

TOEFL Junior Writing Test

Measures students' ability to communicate in writing for social and academic purposes.

Interested in using the TOEFL Junior tests in your program?

Choose the tests that offer an accurate measure of English-language proficiency and help you prepare your students for success. Contact us today to order the tests or learn more.