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The TOEFL Junior® Tests

Building English-language confidence

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TOEFL Junior Speaking: Academic Listen-Speak Sample Question and Responses

Sample question

Sample response 1

Score description

This response was scored 2.

  • The test taker conveys some key information about each stage, but this information is incomplete. For example, the test taker does not mention gills, lungs, or short legs versus long legs.
  • Delivery is choppy and hesitant.
  • Errors in pronunciation are evident. For example, the final phrase is incomprehensible.
  • Meaning is conveyed through very basic vocabulary and grammatical structure.

Sample response 2

Score description

This response was scored 4.

  • The content is complete and appropriate for the task.
  • Key information is given coherently and accurately and with some elaboration.
  • Speech is mostly clear and fluid, with only minor hesitations and intonation issues that do not obscure meaning.