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The TOEFL Junior® Tests

Building English-language confidence

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TOEFL Junior Speaking: Picture Narration Sample Question and Responses

Sample question

Sample response 1

Score description

This response was scored 3.

  • The story is mostly complete, but lacks some details.
  • The delivery is mostly fluid, but there is some noticeable hesitancy and choppiness.
  • There are only minor pronunciation errors, for example incorrect word stress on “theater.”
  • Some minor errors in grammar and vocabulary occur, but do not obscure meaning. For example, “They ask one grandman to where is their seat.”

Sample response 2

Score description

This response was scored 4.

  • The story is complete and accurate with substantial detail.
  • There is only one minor error about the amount of popcorn, but the test taker later corrects this.
  • The delivery is generally smooth with a confident rate of speech.
  • Grammar and vocabulary are varied and appropriate to the task.