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The TOEFL Junior® Tests

Building English-language confidence

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TOEFL Junior Speaking: Read Aloud Sample Question and Responses

Sample question

Sample response 1

Score description

This response was scored 3.

  • The reading is fairly fluid and intelligible.
  • Words are generally grouped into meaningful phrases, but occasionally, punctuation is not marked appropriately, causing listener confusion (the commas are not marked correctly in the list “performance in the theater, a concert, or a sports event“).
  • Intonation is flat at times, and therefore does not always accurately convey the meaning of the text.
  • Speech is clear overall with only some mispronunciations (“changed“ is pronounced with two syllables, “chan-ged“ and “sports event“ is not intelligible). However, these do not affect overall intelligibility.

Sample response 2

Score description

This response was scored 4.

  • The reading is mostly fluid and intelligible, and words are grouped in meaningful phrases with effective pauses.
  • While the intonation does not always match the text, this does not prevent listener understanding of the text.
  • While the speaker’s L1 accent is noticeable, speech is still clear and distinct.
  • The rate of speech is appropriate.