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The TOEFL Junior® Tests

Building English-language confidence

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English Learning Center

The TOEFL Junior English Learning Center is a subscription-based, online program with interactive activities that:

  • focus on building reading, listening, speaking and writing skills
  • accelerate language acquisition with visual and audio prompts and cues
  • support communicative language teaching and learning with activities relevant to real-world English-language usage

Students move at their own pace through exercises and are provided automated feedback on listening and reading activities. Teachers monitor student progress and relay feedback through the Teacher Management System.

Featuring 12 theme-based units with 30 total hours of learning material, the Learning Center is appropriate for a range of proficiency levels and allows students to:

  • practice English with a range of materials that include both everyday and academic English
  • enjoy interactive lessons with real-world examples
  • take responsibility for the learning process through guided independent study
  • become familiar with the types of questions on the TOEFL Junior tests

The Teacher Management System provides educators with tools to accelerate student progress. The system allows teachers to:

  • share feedback with students
  • generate progress reports
  • shape student content
  • evaluate students' speaking and writing responses

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TOEFL Junior research

Like all TOEFL® tests, the TOEFL Junior tests are backed by over 50 years of expert research, ensuring their validity and reliability, and reflecting best practices in language testing.

View TOEFL Junior research (PDF).