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About the TOEFL® PBT Test

If you need information about TOEFL® paper testing prior to May 31, 2017, you are in the correct section. If you need information about testing on or after June 1, 2017, see revised TOEFL® Paper-delivered Test.

The TOEFL test is a key step in your journey to study abroad.

98 percent of TOEFL test takers worldwide take the TOEFL iBT® test, and access continues to expand. The TOEFL iBT test is desired by universities because it measures all 4 communication skills — reading, listening, speaking, and writing.

ETS remains committed to providing access for anyone who wants to take the TOEFL test. In areas of the world where internet testing isn’t available, test takers can take the TOEFL test in a paper format.

What was the TOEFL Paper-based Test (TOEFL® PBT)?

The TOEFL® PBT test, administered in a paper-and-pencil format, measured test takers’ ability to use and understand English in a classroom setting at the college or university level. It accurately measured how well they could listen, read and write in English while performing academic tasks. It included the TWE® test, a 30-minute writing test. Test takers would write a short essay on one topic from their TWE test books to show their ability to:

  • generate and organize ideas
  • support ideas in writing with examples or evidence
  • use standard written English formats

As of July 2017, the TOEFL PBT test was discontinued and replaced by the revised TOEFL Paper-delivered Test. The new paper test aligns more closely to the TOEFL iBT test. Learn more about the revised TOEFL Paper-delivered Test.

All TOEFL scores remain valid for 2 years after your test date.

Who Takes the TOEFL Test?

More than 35 million people from all over the world have taken the TOEFL test to demonstrate their English-language proficiency.

Who Accepts TOEFL Scores?

More than 10,000 universities and colleges in over 150 countries accept TOEFL test scores. In addition, agencies and institutions rely on TOEFL scores as well:

  • Immigration departments use them to issue residential and work visas.
  • Medical and licensing agencies use them for professional certification purposes.
  • Individuals use them to measure their progress in learning English.

See TOEFL® Destination Search.

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