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Though the TOEFL® PBT test is no longer offered, test scores remain valid for up to 2 years after your test date. See below for information about sending test scores and scoring policies.

Sending Your TOEFL PBT Test Scores

You can order score reports during the time your scores remain valid — up to 2 years after your test date. Requests can be made by mail or fax.

Print out a copy of the TOEFL Additional Score Report Request Form and follow the instructions on the back of the form for completing it and mailing or faxing your request and payment.

  • You will need a code number for each institution. See the TOEFL Destination Search.
  • The fee is US$20 for each report.
  • Be sure to sign and date the form before mailing or faxing.
  • Reports are mailed 10 business days after receipt of your request form and payment.

Scoring Policies

Confidentiality of Scores

The TOEFL program recognizes the right of test takers to privacy with regard to information that is stored in data or research files held by Educational Testing Service (ETS) and the program's responsibility to protect information in its files from unauthorized disclosure. ETS or its authorized representative may share score data with institutions or agencies for verification purposes.

TOEFL score data and writing responses that may be used at any time for informational, research, statistical, or training purposes are not individually identifiable. The information retained by ETS is the same as the information printed on your score report and on the official score reports. Official score reports are sent only to those institutions or agencies designated by the test taker when he or she registered to test, at the test center on test day, ordered via a TOEFL® Additional Score Report Request Form at a later date, or otherwise specifically authorized by the test taker.

Scores are not to be released by institutional recipients without the explicit permission of the test taker.

Invalidating/Canceling Scores

When there is information that ETS considers sufficient to indicate that a test taker has engaged in any activity that affects score validity, ETS may cancel the test taker’s score and may bar the test taker from future ETS tests.

For test takers outside the United States, ETS may also inform score recipients of the reason(s) for the score cancellation and may also disclose the reason(s) for score cancellation in certain group cases. Note: This policy applies only to test takers outside the United States.


ETS shall have no liability to any test taker for damages or claims of any kind whatsoever that the test taker may have against ETS for not reporting a score, canceling a score or banning the test taker from future testing.

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