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TOEFL® Family Research Program

Advancing the field of English-language learning and assessment

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Assessment and Learning

The TOEFL research program conducts research on different topics related to language assessment and learning. This research provides guidance on how to use test scores to inform classroom teaching and assessment, and it ensures that the TOEFL Family of Assessments reflects the language knowledge and skills representative of different EFL curricula.

Strategies used by young English learners in an assessment context

Examines the strategies used by young language learners when they answered TOEFL Primary® test questions.

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Examining content representativeness of a young learner language assessment: EFL teachers' perspectives

Studies the importance of the language knowledge and skills the TOEFL Primary Reading and Listening test measures.

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Out of many, one: Challenges in teaching multilingual Kenyan primary students in English

Assesses the appropriateness of using the TOEFL Primary Reading and Listening test to measure the English-language proficiency of Kenyan primary school students.

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Young learners' response processes when taking computerized tasks for speaking assessment

Compares the processes that nonnative English-speaking children and native English-speaking children use when responding to TOEFL Primary speaking tasks.

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The effects of different levels of performance feedback on TOEFL iBT® reading practice test performance

Reviews how feedback provided to students who are preparing for the TOEFL iBT test can influence their reading test performance.

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Are teacher perspectives useful? Incorporating EFL teacher feedback in the development of a large-scale international English test

Reports the use of teacher feedback to inform the development of the TOEFL Junior test.

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Evaluating a learning tool for young English learners: The case of the TOEFL Primary English Learning Center

Looks at users' perceptions of the TOEFL Primary English Learning Center through surveys and interviews with teachers and students.

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