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The TOEFL® FICHET Scholarship Program

ETS and the Foundation for International Cooperation in Higher Education of Taiwan (FICHET) have announced the 2015 TOEFL® FICHET Scholarship Program in Taiwan. The scholarship program honors outstanding university students from Taiwan pursuing studies abroad.


The TOEFL FICHET Scholarship Program is designed to award citizens of Taiwan achieving academic excellence, exhibiting leadership skills, performing extracurricular activities and demonstrating English-communication proficiency. To be eligible for the scholarship awards, applicants must:

  • be a citizen of Taiwan and student at a university in Taiwan
  • plan to pursue undergraduate or graduate study in 2015 at a university or college listed in the TOEFL Destination Directory
  • demonstrate English proficiency with a valid TOEFL score
  • be recommended by a university in Taiwan (each university is entitled to one recommendation)
  • have applications that support the following criteria reflected in their transcript, reference letter and statement of purpose:
    • an outstanding ability to communicate
    • demonstrated leadership skills and innovative ideas
    • well-roundedness in extracurricular activities, especially including community service


Ten scholarships valued at 150,000 New Taiwan Dollars each will be awarded.


For more information, please visit FICHET's website. Interested applicants must be recommended by their university in Taiwan and  applications should be submitted directly to FICHET. The deadline for applications is April 17, 2015.

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