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TOEFL® Resources and Services for Score Users

From kick-starting your recruitment campaign to viewing TOEFL® test taker data and more, we offer the helpful resources and value-added services you need to bring qualified students to your institution or program.

Exclusive Score User Services

TOEFL Search Service

TOEFL® Search Service

Easily find the right international students for your college, university or postgraduate program.

ETS Data Manager

ETS® Data Manager

This free service has TOEFL test taker scores, photos and 1-minute speech samples available anytime, anywhere there is web access.

Additional Score User Resources

TOEFL Score Inquiry

If you have a concern about a TOEFL score, fill out the TOEFL® Score Inquiry Form and send it to


Your Score User Profile

Become a score user or update your score user information.

Learn more about your score user profile

Score Reporting

Read about the ways you can receive TOEFL scores — online, via server downloads, paper reports and more. Choose the method that works for you.

Learn more about score reporting methods

Are Your Score Requirements Aligned?

Use our research-based score comparison tools to make sure you're not missing out on well-qualified applicants because your TOEFL and IELTS® score requirements are misaligned.

Learn more about aligning score requirements

Test and Score Data Summary

The latest edition of the TOEFL® Test and Score Data Summary contains data on the performance of examinees who took the TOEFL iBT® test during the calendar year. Previous year's examinee performance can be found in printable materials.

Download the TOEFL Test and Score Data Summary

Printable Materials

Learn more about the TOEFL test and the services available to you as a TOEFL score user. Visit the printable materials page to download information about the TOEFL iBT® test and the revised TOEFL® Paper-delivered Test, bulletins, flyers, scoring rubrics and more.