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Set Your Students Up for Success with the TOEFL® Test

We know the effort you put into preparing your students for the future, and we’re here to support you as you help them realize their full potential.

About the Test The TOEFL® Test Advantage

Support for Teachers and Students

Preparing Your Students

Prepare them for success with free test prep and more.

Learn more about preparing your students

Propell® Teacher Workshops

Learn new English-teaching techniques to facilitate learning and support your professional development.

Learn more about Propell workshops


Everything you need to make an impact — on their journey and in your own career.


How to Register For the Test

Videos and more to help you and your students through the registration process.



Guides, dates and more to help students understand scoring and what their scores mean.


Resource Library

A list of quick links to helpful videos and other essential tools and information.

Assess Every Stage of English Learning with the TOEFL® Family of Assessments