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TOEFL® EssentialsTM Test

A friendly and convenient English-language test with the quality that universities respect

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TOEFL Essentials Scores

The reputation and high standards of the TOEFL test means that your scores show you have what it takes to be great. The TOEFL Essentials test uses best-in-class human and Artificial Intelligence (AI) to proctor and score your test, so you and institutions can be sure your scores are fair and trusted.

An increasing number of universities and institutions accept TOEFL Essentials scores. We recommend that you check with institutions directly to confirm their score requirements.


Getting your scores

You'll be able to view your unofficial Listening and Reading scores at the end of your test.

Official scores will be posted in your ETS account 5-6 days after your test date.


Canceling your scores

At the end of your test, you’ll have the option to cancel your scores or have them reported and sent to the institutions you chose during registration.


Sending your scores

You can send scores to as many institutions as you want, at no additional charge. Order score reports when you register, or any time, from your ETS account.


Understanding your scores

Score scale

TOEFL Essentials scores are reported as bands.

  • Each Section Score: 1–12, reported in full bands
  • Overall Score: 1–12, reported in half bands (average of section scores)

Foundational skills percentiles

The foundational skills of Vocabulary Knowledge and Sentence Construction are also measured on the TOEFL Essentials test. Measures of foundational skills are reported as percentiles (5th–95th percentile).

The percentile value on a foundational skill means that you performed better than that percentage of all those who took the test. For example, a score at the 75th percentile means that you performed better than 75% of all test takers.


Sample score report

Scoring guides

The scoring guides (also known as rubrics) are used by trained raters to evaluate the Writing and Speaking responses.


Performance descriptors

Performance descriptors illustrate the knowledge, skills and abilities expected by test takers at each score level.


Play video button Video About MyBest scores

MyBest® scores


MyBest® scores, also called superscores, combine your highest section scores from all TOEFL Essentials tests within the last 2 years. This shows your best overall performance and can help you to achieve your goals sooner, since it means you may be able to meet score requirements for your institution with fewer tests.

View Transcript

All TOEFL Essentials score reports show both your traditional scores from your selected test date and your MyBest scores, like this:


This graphic shows the Test Date Scores and the MyBest Scores from a TOEFL Essentials score report. Under the MyBest Scores header is the note “MyBest scores are your highest section band scores from all valid test dates in the last two years.” The Average of Your Highest Section Band Scores is 7.5 out of 12. The section band scores are shown in a bar graph, with scores of 8 in Listening with a test date of March 22, 2021, 7 in Reading with a test date of February 26, 2021, 9 in Writing with a test date of March 22, 2021 and 6 in Speaking with a test date of February 18, 2021.


Scoring policies

View scoring policies in the TOEFL® Essentials™ Information Bulletin (PDF).