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Here are the types of tasks you'll see in the Reading section of the TOEFL Essentials test.

Vocabulary questions will show a word and four answer choices. Select the answer that is closest in meaning to the given word – and drag your selection into the box. You can change your answer, if you need to.

For some tasks, you will read a short text that you might see in everyday life. This example is an email about your tickets to a theater performance. There are two to four questions about each text.

Here you will read information that is presented in a table and answer the questions. This table is about a bird called the arctic tern. Each question has three options, which are always the same: True, False, and Not stated. There are four questions for each table.

Some tasks will ask you to read an academic passage of about 200 words. The passage will be on an academic topic, such as science, history, art, or business. This example is about the planet Venus. There are six questions for each passage

For more about the test, visit the TOEFL Essentials website.