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Here are the types of tasks you'll see in the writing section of the TOEFL Essentials test.

Some tasks will ask you to build a sentence from words or phrases that are shown in the wrong order.

Move them to make a grammatically correct sentence.

Here, you will write an e-mail for a specific purpose, such as making a recommendation, extending an invitation or proposing a solution.

This example is a reply to a hotel manager asking about your stay.

You have seven minutes to write the e-mail.

This task asks you to write a social media post describing a photo like this one.

Tell your friends what you think is happening in the photo.

You have seven minutes to write the post.

For this task, you will write a post in an online academic discussion.

You'll read a question from the professor and responses from other students.

This example is a discussion in a business class about advertising.

Express and support your opinion and contribute to the discussion.

You have 10 minutes to write your post.

For more information, visit the TOEFL Essentials website.