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TOEFL iBT Paper Edition Test

The TOEFL iBT Paper Edition test will no longer be offered after January 20, 2024. You can continue to take the computer- delivered TOEFL iBT test at your local test center or from home. The following information applies to test takers who have previously taken the TOEFL iBT Paper Edition:


When you’ll get your scores

Your Paper Edition scores will be available in your ETS account 11–13 business days after your test date.

How you’ll get your scores

For general information on receiving TOEFL iBT scores, see Getting Your Scores.

How long your scores are valid

Your Paper Edition scores will continue to remain valid and accepted for 2 years after your test date.

When score recipients will receive your scores

Paper Edition score delivery time varies based on how your designated score recipients receive scores (all times approximate):

ETS® Data Manager: 11–13 business days

Server feeds: 11–16 business days

Postal mail: 10–12 business days plus mailing time. Allow an additional 7–10 days for mail delivery in the United States, and 4–6 weeks for mail delivery to other locations.

Additional score reports

Your scores are valid for 2 years after your test date. During that time, you can order additional score reports. There is no fee for ordering additional score reports for the TOEFL iBT Paper Edition.

The easiest way to order additional score reports is through your ETS account.

To order by fax or mail, complete the TOEFL iBT® Additional Score Report Request Form (PDF) and send to:

Fax: 1-610-290-8972
Mail: ETS-TOEFL iBT; P.O. Box 6153; Princeton, NJ 08541-6153; USA


For more details about ordering additional score reports, see the TOEFL iBT® Information Bulletin (PDF).

Understanding your scores

For general information on understanding your TOEFL iBT scores, see Understanding Your Scores.

How the test is scored

The TOEFL iBT Paper Edition is only scored by a centralized scoring network, never at the test center. The Reading and Listening sections are scored by computer. The Writing section is scored by human raters. The Speaking section is scored by a combination of AI scoring and multiple, highly trained human raters to:

  • offer a complete and accurate picture of your ability
  • minimize the rater bias that can occur with face-to-face interviews
  • ensure consistency and the highest quality


MyBest® scores

If you took the TOEFL iBT Paper Edition, your MyBest scores will only include scores from your Paper Edition tests. The report won’t include your scores from tests taken at a test center or at home (TOEFL iBT Home Edition).