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TOEFL iBT Test Writing Section

The TOEFL iBT test Writing section measures your ability to write in English in an academic setting, and to present your ideas in a clear, well-organized way.

There are two writing tasks.

  • Integrated writing task (20 minutes) — read a short passage and listen to a short lecture, then write in response to what you read and listened to.
  • Independent writing task (30 minutes) — write an essay based on personal experience or opinion in response to a writing topic.

You'll type your responses on a computer keyboard (or hand write them for the TOEFL iBT Paper Edition).

Test time: You have 50 minutes to complete the Writing section.

Scoring: Writing tasks are scored based on the Writing Scoring Guides (Rubrics) (PDF) by a combination of AI scoring and certified human raters. Raw scores are converted to a scaled section score of 0–30.


Practice Your Writing Skills

Get The Official Guide to the TOEFL iBT® Test for a list of sample writing topics.

Writing videos

Watch these videos to learn about the questions in the Writing section, plus helpful tips.

thumbnail for integrated writing

Question 1: Integrated Writing

thumbnail for independent writing

Question 2: Independent Writing

Do you need to be an expert on the topics?

The writing tasks measure your English proficiency, so you don't need deep knowledge on a specific topic to get a high score. Score raters recognize that each essay is a first draft, and you can receive a high score with an essay that contains some errors.