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PRESENTER: Welcome to the ProctorU Proctoring Platform, the flexible and convenient way to help you achieve your professional goals with live remote proctoring. Today, we will show you what to expect. Let's walk through a proctored exam so you can be ready for a smooth testing experience.

How do you prepare for this process? First, have a government-issued ETS-approved photo ID ready. ETS-approved IDs can be found on the TOEFL Home site.

Choose a test taking space in a private, well-lit room with no one else around you and preferably, with your back facing the room entrance. You must work on a hard surface like a desk or table. Clear your workspace of any food, unpermitted notes, books, secondary monitors, and electronic devices, except your cell phone. Remove your sunglasses, earbuds, or headphones, large jewelry, and watch. Remove any non-religious head covering.

Make sure you have access to Chrome or Firefox. If you don't have access, download before going further. You'll also need to install the ProctorU browser extension and the ETS secure exam driver. Your proctor or a support representative will be able to help you should you require assistance.

Close all programs and restart your computer. A live proctored launch will take between 10 and 15 minutes, but does not take away time from your exam, since the exam timer does not start until the proctor has allowed you into the exam.

In this scenario, we are launching the exam process from ProctorU's scheduling system. You may also launch from the ETS registration portal or the link you received in your registration confirmation email. You will be able to review the rules of your exam ahead of time, and the proctor will confirm them. Please note, these are the rules outlined by TOEFL. If you have a question or need help at any time, just click the chat button and a support technician will help you correct the problem.

Now it's time to download and run the Log Me In Rescue applet. This file will allow you to chat with your proctor during the exam. After downloading this file, you'll find it in your downloads folder, or your default download location. If prompted, click Open or Allow to give the file permission to run.

When the chat box says waiting, it means that you're in the queue waiting for your proctor. It may take a few minutes for your proctor to connect.

Once the Log Me In Rescue applet loads, your proctor will greet you. While you wait for your proctor to connect, continue on through the identity verification process. First, you will need to capture a picture of yourself for your profile photo. Position your face in the middle of the frame and press Take Photo to proceed to the next step.

Place your government-issued photo ID within the guidelines and click Take A Photo. If your ID has a vertical orientation, hold it up vertically. We capture and store this image for your exam administrator's review, and then securely destroy it after seven days.

Next, review the exam session recording notice and check the boxes to agree you will be recorded from this point forward. Your browser will prompt you to share your screen so the live proctor can see you take the exam. Next, please review and agree to the Terms of Service to proceed.

By this time, you should be connected to a proctor. If not, please continue to wait. When connected, the proctor will ask to see your workspace, including all four walls and the area around the desk and monitor. You will use your cell phone camera to show the edges of your computer screen.

The proctor will walk you through this process, and then ask you to remove your cell phone from the work area. The proctor will ask to see any permitted materials approved by TOEFL and take remote control of your mouse and keyboard via the Log Me In Rescue applet in order to make sure no unpermitted programs are running.

Your proctor will help you navigate to your exam and enter the password for you. When your proctor releases control of your computer, you'll be able to start your exam when ready. This is when your exam timer will start. Your webcam view and your screen will be recorded through the duration of your exam.

Your exam will consist of listening and reading sections. During your exam, you probably won't interact with your proctor, unless you have a technical issue. If you need assistance, use the Proctor Chat Box. If a break is permitted in your assessment, you will be asked to perform another security check around your work area when you return.

Your proctor will only communicate with you during your exam if you begin doing something that is not permitted by TOEFL. Common reasons a proctor may intervene during the exam would be if you are reading exam questions out loud, leave your seat, fall out of the camera frame, or allow anyone to enter the exam area.

Keep in mind, we are following the rules TOEFL expects of us. When you finish your exam, you'll need to alert your proctor before submitting it, so you can walk through a completion process together. Your unofficial scores are available at the end of the exam for you to review.

You will be asked to log out of your exam site and close your browser. You can then close the chat box, which will end your session with ProctorU. Finally, so that we can improve your test-taking experience, you'll have the opportunity to take a brief survey about your experience and give us your open and honest feedback. Thanks for your time, and good luck on your exam.