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INSTRUCTOR: This is how to create an ETS account on the TOEFL website. With an ETS account you can register for a TOEFL test. Buy test prep, view your scores, order score reports and more. Before you create your account, make sure you have a current and valid identification document. Check the ID requirements for the location where you will take your test since requirements can vary.

Now let's get started. From the log in page, select the Create an account button. The first and most important part of creating your profile is entering your name. The name in your account must exactly match the name on your ID. Continue with your date of birth, gender, email, address, and phone. You can then choose to receive helpful text messages and emails from ETS. Next you'll be asked for your country of birth, native language, and country of citizenship. Then you can sign up for the TOEFL Search Service. This free service allows universities to send you information about programs, scholarships, fellowships and other educational opportunities that you might not know about.

Choose Yes or No and then Next to continue. Then enter your background information. If your plans change, you can update this information in your account later. Finally create a username and password. Select a security question and your answer. Check the box to acknowledge the terms and conditions. And then click Next. Almost done on the review and submit page. Confirm that all the information you've entered is correct. Pay careful attention to your name, date of birth, and gender because those items cannot be easily changed later. Scroll down, review everything, and then click Submit.


That's it. Look for a confirmation email from ETS. And now that you have an account, you can register for a test. Good luck on your TOEFL test.