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Go to Canada

Get there with the TOEFL iBT Test

✔ Accepted by 100% of Canadian universities

✔ More than 80% of graduate programs in Canada prefer the TOEFL iBT test over other tests¹

✔ More TOEFL iBT scores are sent to Canadian universities than all other English tests combined²

As an international student intending to study in Canada, you’re required to have a student visa. In order to apply for one, you need to take an English-proficiency test and be accepted by a Canadian college or university — you’ll need to provide the letter of acceptance with your application.

You can find out more information and apply for your Canadian Student Visa on the Citizenship and Immigration Canada website.

1 Source: Survey of 44 graduate admissions officers at Canadian universities.
2 Source: Survey of 107 admissions officers at Canadian universities.