Young Students Series


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NARRATOR: You're not just teaching English. You're building confidence. So when your school needs an English language assessment for young learners that shows you what they know and how they're doing so you can adjust your teaching and give them the instruction they need to succeed, look no further than the TOEFL Young Students Series. The TOEFL Young Students Series has two tests, the TOEFL Primary Test for students ages 8 and up, and the TOEFL Junior Test for students ages 11 and up.

The tests were built by the TOEFL experts at ETS and are backed by more than 60 years of research in English language testing. More than a million students have taken the tests worldwide. Both tests measure key elements of English language proficiency like reading, listening, and speaking. And they give you the scores and performance feedback you need to help build your students' skills even further.

You can use the test to determine students' placement into English classes or to measure their progress at any time in their learning. Flexible testing options make it easy for you and your school. You can test on any date that's convenient for you. Choose the paper test or the digital version. You can proctor the test yourself or let our local proctors do it for you, either in person or remote.

When the test is done, we take care of the scoring through your local ETS Preferred Network office and send the score reports back to your school. The score reports show your students' strengths and weaknesses and include recommendations to guide their learning. There are no passing or failing grades. Scores are mapped to the CEFR, an international benchmark for English skills. Reading scores are linked to Lexile Measures which makes it easy to find reading materials at the right level.

In addition to the score reports for your school, each student receives a certificate with their scores to show their achievement. With trusted tests and helpful feedback, you can put the TOEFL Young Students Series to work for you. Because when you know what they can do, you can help them improve their English and build their confidence. To learn more about how the TOEFL Young Students Series can help your students succeed, contact your Local ETS Preferred Network office.