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Samir's Story: The Commencement


Video duration: 2:39

On-screen: [a stadium full of people seated for a commencement]

(audience clapping)

Announcer: Angela Matthews.

[Samir wearing a cap and gown]

Announcer: Jennifer Matthews.

On-screen: [flashbacks from Samir’s childhood]

(train clacking)

Samir: Bye-bye mama.

On-screen: [back at the commencement]

Announcer: Christina Matthews.

On-screen: [flashbacks of Samir playing games as a child]

(somber piano music)

(kids cheering)

(bird wings flap)

On-screen: [flashback of Samir studying]

(fan whirring)

On-screen: [back at the commencement]

Announcer: Joshua Matthews.

On-screen: [flashbacks of Samir studying and walking away from his classmates at school]

Samir: Achieve, determination, success, integrate, potential.

Classmates: Samir, Samir!

Samir: Empower, integrity, last one, persist.

On-screen: [flashback of Samir taking the TOEFL test]

(somber piano music)

On-screen: [flashback of Samir riding home with an envelope that reads “You’re In!”]

(bell rings)

Samir: Ma, ma I got selected!

On-screen: [flashback of Samir embracing his family members and waving goodbye from a train]

(train clacks)

(plane engine roars)

On-screen: [flashback of Samir studying and teaching at a university]

Samir: Equals two N, D, or M, A, thank you very much.

(crowd applause)

On-screen: [back at the commencement]

Announcer: Samir Batu.

On-screen: [flashbacks from Samir’s childhood]

Samir's mother: Be careful, Samir!

(somber piano music)

On-screen: [flashback of Samir on a video call with his mother]

Samir's mother: Hi Samir!

Samir: Hi Ma.

On-screen: [back at the commencement, Samir receives his diploma]

On-screen: [flashback to Samir’s mother talking to baby Samir]

Samir's mother, speaking in a foreign language: You will have a better life, a better future. Education is the way. You will work hard, study hard, and make your dreams come true. You will make me proud.

On-screen: [back at the commencement, Samir’s mother claps as he smiles back at her]

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End of Video: The Commencement

Video duration: 0:02:39