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Interpreting TOEFL ITP® Scores

To help you interpret TOEFL ITP® scores, ETS has conducted several studies, including a Common European Framework of Reference (CEFR) mapping study in 2011, a score descriptor study in 2014 and a Reliability Study.

CEFR Mapping Study

Results of the CEFR mapping provide the minimum TOEFL ITP section scores for 4 of the levels defined in the CEFR (A2, B1, B2 and C1).

The scaled cut scores for each section are as follows:

CEFR Levels Total Cut Score Listening Comprehension Structure and Written Expression Reading Comprehension
C1 627 64 64 63
B2 543 54 53 56
B1 460 47 43 48
A2 337 38 32 31

For more information, download Mapping TOEFL ITP Scores to the Common European Framework of Reference.

Score Descriptor Study

The 2014 score descriptors by section are designed to provide more accurate information on the true meaning of TOEFL ITP test scores, which will provide institutions, teachers and test takers with a better understanding of students' English-language proficiency, including areas of strength and areas that need improvement.

Download TOEFL ITP – Level 1 Score Descriptors.

Download TOEFL ITP – Level 2 Score Descriptors.

Reliability Study

Reliability is an important criterion to measure the quality of an assessment product. Tests with high reliability yield consistent scores across different test forms.

For more information, download the TOEFL ITP® Reliability Table.