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TOEFL® Young Students Series: 2017–18 Project Highlight Video


Video duration: 2:13

On-screen: [TOEFL® Young STUDENTS Series]

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On-screen: [TOEFL®; Young STUDENTS Series: GO English!]

On-screen: [Your time capsule. In your words.]

Narrator: Each day, young students from around the world are learning English as a second language to prepare them for a world of opportunity.The TOEFL Young Students Series GO English! Project by ETS is designed to inspire students and engage them in practicing English. In September 2017, we invited students, along with their teachers, to take part in a four-week project.

Students: And we are going to do a time capsule.

Narrator: ETS asked students to communicate, in English, what they would tell the future about what life is like today and why.

Students: Communication is very important.

Student: Today we drink water from plastic bottle.

Student: In our time, we use calendar to know the date.

Student: Our life in 2050 will be really more different from our life now.

Narrator: Students were excited to tell us what they would put in a time capsule, all while practicing their English-language skills.

Student: I put my favorite fruits.

Student: This is our time capsule.

Student: Hello, people from the future.

Student: The following are the items we would like to add in our time capsule.

Student: I pick my favorite singer.

Student: I drew my favorite YouTuber.

Narrator: The project encouraged students to work together and use their creativity to produce a video, poster, radio...

Student: Hello and welcome to the radio show.

Narrator: ...or newspaper announcement.

Student: Some scientists from a time capsule from the year 2018.

On-screen: [2358+ Submissions, 14,000+ Students, 839 Teachers, 557 Schools, 23 Countries/Territories. Brazil, Qatar, Malaysia, Oman, Mexico, Palestine, Macau, Jordan, Chile, Israel, Poland, West Bank, Spain, India, Egypt, Hong Kong, Vietnam, Germany, Turkey, Indonesia, Taiwan, Greece, South Korea]

Narrator: The projects submitted were wonderful and we thank teachers and students for letting us be a part of their English language journey.

On-screen: [ETS®]

On-screen: [TOEFL® Young STUDENTS Series]

Narrator: ETS has been inspired with these projects and appreciates the students’ engagement and the teachers’ commitment to English Language Learning.

On-screen: [Details coming soon for the 2018-2019 TOEFL® Young Students Series: GO English! Project.]

Students: Thank you, everyone!

On-screen: [About the TOEFL® Young Students Series: Designed to set the foundation for a successful development of English language skills, the TOEFL® Young Students Series features age-appropriate assessments, products and services — including the TOEFL Junior® and TOEFL Primary® tests — to help guide younger students to the next steps of learning. Copyright © by Educational Testing Service. All rights reserved. ETS, the ETS logo, TOEFL, TOEFL PRIMARY and TOEFL JUNIOR are registered trademarks of Educational Testing Service (ETS) in the United States and other countries. All other marks are the property of their respective owners.]

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