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TOEIC® Speaking and Writing Score Reports

When test takers participate in the Public Testing Program and take TOEIC® Speaking and Writing tests independently in a public test center, they will receive a score report directly from the local ETS Preferred Network (EPN) office. Scores are confidential and released only to ETS and test takers. With test takers' written permission, public test scores may be given to organizations.

When test takers participate in the Institutional Testing Program, where the TOEIC Speaking and Writing tests are administered at your organization, results are reported in a score roster and/or institutional score report sent directly from the local EPN office. Scores are confidential and released only to ETS and the sponsoring organization. These score roasters or score reports are only intended for use within the sponsoring organization or institution and are not considered portable.

Score Roster

For internal use only, the roster cannot be used by test takers as an indication of their official score. The score roster is intended to help organizations interpret the scores and includes:

  • individual scores
  • scores from the most recent testing session (average score, frequency distribution and range of scores)
  • scores from all testing sessions within the same institution
  • scores within the client's industry and country
  • specialized reports that can be reproduced at the client's request, which may include organizational results for all test takers during a given time period or in certain job categories

Score Review

Test takers who feel their scores do not accurately reflect their ability in English can contact their local EPN office within one month of the test date. The office will initiate the rescore process with ETS and charge the test taker a score review fee. If the score review results in a score change, the office will issue the test taker a revised score report and the new score(s) will become the official score. If the score review results in a score change the office will also refund the score review fee. Tests takers have the option of requesting a score review for Speaking only, Writing only or both sections.