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The Redesigned TOEIC Bridge® Tests


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On-screen: [ETS®. TOEIC Bridge®. Access to Progress.]

On-screen: [The Redesigned TOEIC Bridge® Tests from ETS®.]

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Introducing the redesigned TOEIC Bridge® tests from ETS®. A better way to measure basic to intermediate English proficiency. Over the years, English has become the global language of communication, so the importance of obtaining a complete picture of English proficiency at any level has become critical for success.

The redesigned TOEIC Bridge® suite of assessments allows you to objectively and effectively measure all four English communication skills—listening, reading, speaking and writing - so you can assess candidates’ basic-to intermediate-level English proficiency.

The new four-skills format allows you to combine the assessments into complementary test modules that best meet your needs, providing flexibility, efficiency and convenience. Each test measures one of the four communication skills, and reflects modern language uses and communication methods used in everyday life and workplace scenarios.

On-screen: [Common European Framework of Reference for Languages. Canadian Language Benchmarks.]

The tests are aligned with recognized international language-learning frameworks, and provide a fair and reliable comparison across individuals.

The redesigned tests measure the beginning stages of a learner’s path to success, so you can feel confident that they have the basic skills needed to continue their studies or move into the workplace.

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The TOEIC Bridge® tests are part of the industry-leading TOEIC® program, the global standard for assessing English-language communication skills needed in the workplace and everyday life.

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On-screen: [ETS® TOEIC Bridge® Access to Progress.]

Discover a better way to measure basic- to intermediate-level English proficiency so you can make the right decisions at the right time for your organization.

For more information about the redesigned TOEIC Bridge® tests, contact your local ETS® Preferred Network office.

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